Friday, March 6, 2009

So, you want to know, how old is Miley Cyrus. She is 16 (born November 23, 1992). Now you know the answer, however, do not hurry to leave our site. You have a chance to win an Apple Ipod or a Microsoft Zune, and Miley Cyrus's music will always be with you. All you have to do is to tell us if you're a Miley Cyrus's fan or not.
Do You Like Miley Cyrus's Songs?

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Miley Cyrus gives a book signing of "Miles to Go" in midtown New ...
An admitted "Huge Fan" of Miley's who planned to propose to her at the book signing, Mark McLeod, "old enough" from near Augusta, GA, reads Miley Cyrus's ...

Miley Cyrus autobiography reveals childhood hazing and young love
Miley Cyrus is a few steps ahead of ex-Gov. Rod Blagojevich, who recently signed a six-figure book deal with an independent publisher. Cyrus' "Miles to Go," ...

Hannah Montana: Nick Jonas Was Miley Cyrus' "Prince Charming"
Miley Cyrus' autobiography, Miles To Go, is packed with a thousand facts about the 16-year-old popstar, but there's one story that has snagged the interest ...

Miley Cyrus Plays Armchair 'American Idol' Judge
Cyrus, who said that she has worked with DioGuardi in the past, said she loves the songwriter as a person but applies an old adage to the show's panel. ...

Celebrity Photos: Brad Pitt, Miley Cyrus, Kristen Bell, Aimee ...
Apparently Miley Cyrus hopes so (and a publisher must think so) because young Ms. Cyrus has book that she wants us all to read called “Miles to Go. ...

Miley Cyrus Complains About Jogging Photos
Miley Cyrus caused controvery this week when photos emerged of her running down the street in a low-cut shirt that revealed some skin and her bikini top, next to her shirtless boyfriend Justin Gaston. But the 16-year-old pop star said she doesn't get why everyone was making such a big deal about the pics.

Miley Cyrus Says Cleavage Baring Pic Is No "Big Whoop"
Miley Cyrus says she wasn't trying to give photographers a show when she wore a cleavage-baring top during a weekend jog with her shirtless older beau Justin Gaston. "I don't get the big whoop, but whatever," she said Monday on Ryan Seacrest's KIIS-FM radio show. "I guess it's just... I'm not allowed to jog any more." The New York Post remarked that the 16-year-old singer put herself "on ...

Miley Cyrus hit backs at 'revealing photo' claims; Rosario Dawson's licked into shape; Britney Spears wows family with ...
Miley Cyrus hit backs at 'revealing photo' claims; Rosario Dawson's licked into shape; Britney Spears wows family with concert preview

Miley Cyrus Hit Backs at 'Raunchy Photo' Claims
Miley Cyrus is fuming about the media furore over pictures of her jogging in Los Angeles - insisting she didn't intend to flash so much flesh to photographers.

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